Thematics: The Vienna Secession

Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Max Klinger... Any of these names ring your bell? If not, they will soon. These artists were part of the influential art deco "Vienna
" movement, which spurred a massive upheaval in the art scene, taking it swiftly away from the popular impressionism. Their motto was "to every age its art and to art its freedom." They wanted to create art that owed nothing to historical influences, and some credit this movement as the true beginning of modernism as we know it today. Their work was highly sensual and decorative, expressing raw human emotion like never before. Perhaps this is why there has been a huge resurgence of this aesthetic in the fashion and design worlds.

Here's a small sampling of the secessionists' work, which is, (and I think you'll strongly agree) nothing less than absolutely fabulous:

The outlandish world of couture has recently embraced this movement with arms wide open, and this move has influenced all forms of design in the last several months. Here are some fabulous runway shots that will help you, dear reader, bring out your inner Klimt:


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