And the Winner Is.........


I'm IN LOVE with the simplicity and thought-out design of her bookshelves! I love the continuity of the little pots scattered throughout the shelves, and it's such a serene set-up! So CONGRATULATIONS my darling Becky!! Becky's prize is a guest post right her on none other than Urban Flea! So get your creative engines started, and look out, dear readers, for Miss Becky's post, which I'm sure will be absolutely crammed with fabulosity! So look out, dear readers, for the next weekly contest later today, and know that every contest's winner's prize will be a guest post right here on your favorite design blog, Urban Flea!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)


Ana said...

I love all the pitchers...it's lovely. Congratulations!

Katherine said...

thanks for the comment my dear, and keep spreading that sweet urban flea gospel! Don't forget to enter the new bed contest!!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Anonymous said...

this is ridiculous. are you proof reading these posts at all?

i think if you say 'dear readers' again i'm going to throw my computer on the floor.

please- its just too much. i realize you want people to read this, badly, but i can't come back if you're going to regurgitate things that have been done a million times before, and just add in "fabulousity".

i hate to be mean, i really do.

try harder?

Katherine said...

so sorry you feel that way anonymous! i promise i mean nothing but good things! in fact, i don't actually really proofread to be completely honest, it's not that serious of a business in my estimation! but thanks anyway for your feedback, and i sincerely hope you find a better outlet for your obviously numerous personal insecurities than picking on poor little design bloggers who want to do nothing but make people happy!
xo Urban Flea
p.s. you are actually my "dear readers," yes, even you 'anonymous' :)

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